License terms

for usage of sound projects provided by Artol s.r.o.

Sound projects are computer files containing the audio sequence and settings information for the sound decoders to control digital model railway. These, as a result of creative intellectual activity of the co-authors are subject to copyright and their use is subject to license.

Using a computer file of the sound project (in next only sound project) without the license granted in any way is in contrary to the provisions Act no. 618/2003 Coll. Copyright Act, as amended, and under provisions Act no. 300/2005 Coll.  Criminal Code it constitutes a crime against copyright law.

Artol s.r.o. is authorized entity to use sound projects in any case, without restriction and throughout the duration of the co-authors of property rights and is entitled to grant permission for another person to use computer audio files in the project scope of the license granted to them.

Computer files of sound projects the user is used to and in accordance with the license granted to him by the Provider with the following contents:

Article I. General provisions

1.1. The User orders a sound project by ordering form published on the website or mail. The order is also deemed to have accepted a price list with sound projects to date of the order users.

1.2. Order, made by User for installation and usage sound project according to the preceding paragraph of this article of these license terms, next price list of sound projects published on the website, in line with date of the User's order and the license conditions, constitute a whole and together form the License Agreement to use computer files of sound projects (hereinafter "license Agreement").

Article II. Subject of the license agreement

2.1. Provider grants User a license to use sound project exclusively for the purpose for which the sound project is created and by co-authors intended. Usage of sound project for the purposes of this license means the upload to a digital sound decoder ZIMO at digital model railway control DCC and subsequent playback of the sound decoder.

Article III. Uses of sound project, the scope of the license and time, on which is awarded to

3.1. Sound project license is tied to the use of a particular sound recording to a specific decoder code. This code is generated by the sound decoder serial number and the user receive it after payment of the fee. Usage of code is described in a separate section on pages

3.2. The license is valid for the lifetime of an sound decoder, for which code was generated.

3.3. In case of sale sound decoder with recorded sound project to a third party users, the rights and obligations of this license agreement are transferred to a third party.

Article IV. Services provided by licensed

4.1. Service, which the provider agrees to provide the user a free upgrade sound project, if implemented new compilation the existing records or for compilation of new records.

Article V. The payment for the license and the services provided with license

5.1. User agrees to pay the Provider one-off fee for a license under Article II. of the terms of the price list of sound projects. After receiving a binding order Provider notify the User with bank details and other payment information (especially variable symbol of payment) and User agrees to pay a license fee to the Provider within no later than 15 days from the date a binding order on the basis of the aforementioned announcement payment data providers. Provider upon receipt of fees for license and undertakes to issue the invoice sent with the invoice terms, and also send the authorization code.

Article VI. Liability for damages and breach of license conditions

6.1. Provider is not responsible for loss or damage arising users or third parties resulting from the use of software for any purpose other than those for which the software is created and co-authors intended.

6.2. Provider is not responsible for loss or damage arising users or third parties due to materially incorrect, defective or inadequate instruction or command by the user or third party, nor liable for damage sustained by the User as a result of improper use of an sound project users or third parties for lack of legal and economic knowledge and expertise of the department of computer technology necessary for the proper use of sound project.