781 (ex T 679.1) "Sergej"

Sound sample

Function assigning

  • F0lights switch on/off
  • F1unassigned - reserved for advanced light
  • F2unassigned - reserved for advanced light
  • F3shunting mode
  • F4short horn
  • F5coupling sound
  • F6engine coasting
  • F7long horn
  • F8engine on/off
  • F9long whistle
  • F10unassigned
  • F11sandblasting

Sounds for F4, F5, F7, F9 and F11 is possible to play when the engine is off.

F6 - engine coasting to max. RPM is independent from throttle. This function allow have max. RPM also for standing loco or during slow drive. Usage depending on F8 switched on. Target level, to which have to be raised speed affects CV375. For this project, the max. value is 4. Works for firmware version 32 and above.

Function assigning and change of CV's value is possible.