770/770.8/771/771.7/771.8 "Čmeliak"

(ex T669.0/T669.51/T669.1/T669.2/T669.50), T669.55

Sound project can manifest in a variety models differently. For Piko H0 models we adapted sound project with individual settings.

Function assigning

  • F0 lights switch on/off
    Piko - marker lights + spotlight
  • F1unassigned - reserved for advanced lights
    Piko - red light control
  • F2unassigned - reserved for advanced lights
    Piko - lighting tables
  • F3shunting mode
    Piko + all four marker lights
  • F4short horn
  • F5
    • switch between sound versions
    • reduction acceleration/breaking time based on CV3 and CV4 to half
    • slow start to model the sound of idle
  • F6engine coasting
  • F7long horn
  • F8engine on/off
  • F9unassigned
  • F10coupling sound
  • F11sandblasting

Sounds for F4, F5, F7 a F11 is possible to play when the engine is off.

F3 - turn shunting mode reduces max. speed in half. This will soften the range of speed control locomotives during shunting. At the same time, the reduced acceleration/breaking time based on CV3 and CV4 is reduced to quarter, which will accelerate the model shift reaction.

F5 - functionality on/off. This functionality is available from decoder version 33.0 and above.

F6 - engine coasting to max. RPM is independent from throttle. This function allow have max. RPM also for standing loco or during slow drive. Usage depending on F8 switched on. Target level, to which have to be raised speed affects CV375. For this project, the max. value is 6. Works for firmware version 32 and above.

Function assigning and change of CV's value is possible.

Notes to Piko model

PCB switches at Piko model
  1. Model at low speeds seen twitching and therefore raised the start-up voltage to 3V through CV2 (CV2 = 30). After run-in using the model, one can try to reduce this tension by reducing the value of CV2.
  2. For better to settings, it is not in this model reduced speed through CV5, but through # 57, whitch address the maximum. voltage that reaches the motor model (set 10 V). Any reduction in speed can be addressed despite CV5, is not recommend going below 210, 6th degree will be lost. Increasing the speed must be addressed by increasing the value of CV57.
  3. Separation of lighting control of side tables is functional only when the middle jumper is at rear position, see photo. Otherwise they will be lit when switched on basic lighting through F0. Functional only with a decoder equipped PluX22 connector.