How to work with encoded sound projects for ZIMO sound decoder

On this side published *.zpp files are encrypted and without load code is not possible to record them to the sound decoder. To obtain the load code should be read from the sound decoder values of 4 CV's. They are CV250-253, which also represent the serial number of the sound decoder and are unique.

The contents of this CV you send us with sound project order and we generate ProformaInvoice for payment. After the payment we will send you 4 numbers in the format xxx: xxx: xxx: xxx, which present an load code to load the *. ZPP to the sound decoder. You have to write them to  CV260-263 and then you can upload a sound project.

There are several ways how to record a coded sound project to the sound decoder. This requires the MXULFA device and some programs with which the device can work. It can be ZSP, ZPP Konfig (part of ZSP installation) or ZCS.